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Things are not well…

November 3, 2011 2 comments

The meds are working at about 75%. I keep revising that figure downwards as things get worse.

I was supposed to do 40 hours of work from home during the past two weeks, and I would have been paid enough to live very comfortably for the month. Tomorrow is the last day, and I’ve accomplished nothing. Therefore, no money.

I can’t concentrate, no matter what I do. I kept lying that I was working, hoping to eventually get caught up, but now tomorrow is the deadline and I am going to be exposed.

I made up my will, at least. I don’t want really to die, although it doesn’t bother me. We could use the insurance money, I guess. Although I’m not sure the insurance will pay out if I kill myself, and if I make it look like an accident putting this paragraph in my blog is really asking for trouble.