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About Heath Ledger’s Performance as the Joker

March 28, 2014 Leave a comment

Maybe I’m just being captain obvious here, but I just realized something worth pointing out.

When I was watching “The Dark Knight” years ago I was struck by Heath Ledger’s physical performance as the Joker–specifically all of his facial tics and especially what he was doing with his tongue. It never dawned on me, however, that he was imitating actual symptoms except for what was in his own imagination. Ironically I have been on anti-psychotics for about ten years now, and during that time I have always been worried about developing tardive dyskinesia. I haven’t developed TD yet, but recently I realized that it’s pretty much what Heath Ledger was imitating in his performance. I googled it and more than a few people seem to agree with me. In fact many people think Ledger delivered a textbook depiction.