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No Emotions…

February 14, 2012 Leave a comment

I hang out a little bit on a message board for young gay men, hoping to provide an example of a moderately successful and happy married gay man who is also bipolar. Mostly no one is interested, which is fine, but the other day I got a message from a young woman asking how I deal with not having any emotions. I do have to deal with that issue fairly regularly, but the story goes deeper.

First of all, I’m lucky being bipolar. Nothing ever stays the same. This month, I’ll be emotionless; next month I’ll be alternately laughing hysterically or raging at everything. If you have to have an illness it really is a blessing not to be stuck with the same stuff day-after-day for too long (although any amount of depression is too long!). This dynamic nature means that when my emotions are in hibernation, I can at least remember, fairly recently, what it was like to have them working.

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