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February 7, 2012 Leave a comment

I know these status reports aren’t as interesting as the true confessions.

I am writing this post at 3:16am and I’m not tired. I’ve been working for the last few hours. If I’m depressed I’m definitely not showing many symptoms except the occasional fatigue, which can also be explained by my lack of sleep. Every once in a while my limbs will get heavy, or I’ll get “stuck” mentally. These are definitely depression symptoms, but they are sporadic. Am I “in between” manic and depression, or are the meds just doing their job?

Today for a few seconds I had very loud music playing where there was none. Luckily my doctor is increasing my next dose of Modecate (the anti-psychotic I take) by 1.5 times. I’m on a three week schedule for my injections, however, so I have to wait until next Monday.

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