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Status Report #13 (Lamotrigine and Lactose Ad Nauseam)

Here’s the latest update: it’s a week since I’ve stopped the standard Lamotrigine and I still can’t drink lactose-free milk. Last time I stopped taking a lactose-bearing drug (Perphenazine) I was almost immediately able to go back to lactose-free milk. Oh well, I’ll be patient.

I saw my psychiatrist (pdoc) and he put me on chewable Lamictal, but it’s a children’s medication and it only comes in 2mg tablets. The therapeutic dose for an adult is apparently 200mg, so it means I’m going to be chewing a lot of tablets (I guess). It’s either that or don’t take the medication.

My pdoc also put me back on Risperdal, but this time on the oral solution–which is also lactose-free. This means I can get off the Modecate and the Amantadine. Again, I am taking the Modecate instead of the Risperdal because it is lactose-free. I am taking the Amantadine to counter the trembling caused by the Modecate. So instead of two meds I’m now going to take one: Risperdal.

Heaven help me if I ever lose my drug plan because all these oral and chewable alternatives only exist for the name brand versions. You can’t seem to get an oral solution or a chewable form of the generic Lamotrigine or Risperidone.

I wonder what lactose-intolerant people are supposed to do with all these meds that make us sick, and the answer is we’re not a big enough share of the market to matter. They just don’t care about us one way or the other. I guess since we’re not dying it’s not a pressing issue.

Well let me get serious for a moment. When I was taking the lactose-bearing meds my bowel was so inflamed that my rectum was prolapsed (part of my butt was outside my body). Let me assure you how painful that is. I had to take a spare pair of pants with me wherever I went in case some dairy slipped by my notice (sometimes the day before) and I didn’t make it to the washroom on time. Sometimes I just had to walk around with an obvious stain and put something under me where I sat. There was no alternative. Do you go home from work just because you’ve had a little “accident”?

I can’t consume anything that doesn’t have ingredients listed on it and I have memorized a long list of ingredients that are dairy but don’t say they are dairy. I have memorized what I can eat at fast food restaurants (nothing at A&W, Taco Bell, or KFC; almost nothing at McDonald’s or Harvey’s). I have learned to eat pizza without cheese, for example.

It’s no different than if I was allergic to dairy, except I won’t die if I mess up. So in that way I’m very lucky. It’s just that to know it’s the side-effect of a medication and that it’s caused by a totally non-essential non-active ingredient, that makes it infuriating.

  1. May 20, 2012 at 9:52 am

    OMG, that sounds horrible! I love lamotrigine but I’ve heard that lactose or soy intolerances are a real pain with meds because they’re so often fillers. Have you checked around to figure out if there are specific lamotrigine versions (made by different manufacturers) that might not contain lactose?

  2. tim
    May 30, 2012 at 4:27 am

    1. there’s a dissolvable (ODT) version of this. you don’t have to chew a bunch of children’s pills. that’s absurd.

    2. why aren’t you using the lactose enzyme chewable supplements available in generic at any pharmacy? for example: you can chew one, eat a bowl of cereal with any milk, and experience little to no stressful gastric issues.

    3. they make adult diapers and other solutions for incontinence. no one has to carry spare pants, and if i did soil my pants somehow, yes it merits going home.

    4. are you for real? you sound remarkably irrational.

    • May 30, 2012 at 9:50 pm

      1. Since writing the original post I found the documentation on Lamictal on the Internet and yes, contrary to what my psychiatrist and pharmacist told me, Lamictal chewable is available in sizes up to 25mg and the ODT version comes in sizes up to 200mg. This was a pleasant discovery.
      2. The lactose reaction while on standard Lamictal and Lamotrigine is so bad that even extra-strength lactose enzyme cannot stop it.
      3. Believe it or not, my ego and self-esteem still prefer spare pants to diapers. When I was speaking of stains I was speaking of minor stains, not major soils.
      4. Yes I’m for real and my rationality is a matter of opinion.

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