Status Report #9

It’s been four days since my Modecate injection and I don’t seem to be having a “down” (except that I need more sleep). In fact,  I’m going the opposite way, which seems to indicate that the down and the last injection were a coincidence. That’s good.

My downs are getting to be pretty mild. They’re nothing to joke about, but they’re mild all the same. I did have a bad down from mid October to the end of November but that was when I was losing my dream job, living on no money, and going through a lot of stress at home. Since then I’ve had dips, but they’ve been both minor and short.

My mood swings used to last for months and used to be severe in both directions. I can remember months of sitting in a stupor, almost as if encased in clear plastic, unable to move or think on my own or to feel anything. I could react, but I had no motivation of my own. That was when I would hurt myself, I guess so I could feel something. To tell you the truth I don’t know why I did it.

Anyway, I bring up the past only for contrast to the present. I don’t eat well, or sleep well, or exercise, or meditate, or do yoga, or basically do anything to deserve feeling this good. I take lithium and Divalproex. That’s it. The Modecate keeps the weird thoughts at bay.

I am thankful every day at how fortunate I am.

Challenge to self: Unless something dramatic happens, I will not mention my mood for the next 10 posts.

  1. March 29, 2012 at 3:53 pm

    Haha why not? I like mood updates!

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