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My ex-employer stiffed me for over $5000 last year

I’m just doing my 2011 taxes and I now see the extent of what happened. In October and November I was depressed anyway, and the organization I worked for was failing. I wanted desperately to keep things as they were, so I kept working for no pay hoping things would turn up and money would miraculously appear. I worked for almost two months before I took another job in desperation.

I’ve always hated change, and I’ve always been willing to go to insane lengths to avoid it (absolutely no joke intended). When I’m depressed, I’m at my worst.

Now that it is all worked out I am writing off over $5000 in lost pay. There is no sense going after my ex-boss: he tried everything he could and he’s worse off than I am and there is simply no money. I knew when I took the job that if there was no business there would be no pay.

The only thing is that my ex-boss is still calling trying to get me to do free work for him. I did over 20 hours this past weekend, but I think enough is enough. I’ve got enough good karma. I should mention that he is a university professor, so he is used to having grad students who are only too willing to work for free (or for low pay). I don’t think he quite grasps the dividing line between grad student and employee. Sure I do the work because I love it (right now that’s the only reason) but I do have a mortgage, too.

I have to say that my new boss has been extremely great. I’ve done some dumb things, but he keeps cutting me slack. He even thinks he caught me in an outright lie, and he has cut me slack. About the lie: I misunderstood a superior co-worker and thought I was finished a project and told the boss. It turned out I wasn’t finished, so I could either be a liar or an idiot and I decided to be a liar. Since the boss forgave me anyway, it didn’t seem like a good idea to argue.

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