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Perphenazine Contains Lactose

Last October I lost my drug plan so my doctor switched me over to cheaper alternative medications. One of the switches was from risperidone to perphenazine. It was a very good switch. With risperidone I had been hearing voices regularly and with perphenazine they immediately stopped.

I have always been somewhat lactose-intolerant, but it wasn’t bad. As long as I didn’t drink a litre of milk all at once, or eat dairy every day for a solid week, I could basically eat and drink what I wanted. Unfortunately, at approximately the same time I switched to perphenazine I became 100% lactose-intolerant. I mean a half a millimetre of butter on a roll makes me sick for three days. I talked about it with my pharmacist and both my family doctor and psychiatrist, specifically asking if there was a connection to the perphenazine. None of them thought there was. Fine, so it was a coincidence and my life sucks.

In the past year I have learned what has dairy in it. Did you know McDonald’s french fries have dairy? Unfortunately my problem has gotten worse. Now I can’t even have lactose-free products. I can’t have soy. I can still have almond milk.

Long story short, finally I Googled perphenazine and lactose. Guess what? Perphenazine contains lactose. Why didn’t I use Google on the first day?

Now I have to choose: do I stay on a med I like a lot and deal with the unpleasant physical side effects? Or do I spin the pharmaceutical wheel again?

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