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Fine Tuning the Blog

I notice that the visits to this blog are down recently, which probably means that the stuff I’ve been writing recently is less of a draw than the stuff I was writing before.

No one wants to have a blog no one reads, but I have to be honest, I can’t predict what’s going to draw readers. I have to write what I write and see what happens.

Judging by the site traffic, the stuff about my family and the stuff about adoption wasn’t popular. I think the adoption posts were too long. They’re like pictures of other people’s kids: interesting in small doses, but the parents often don’t know when to stop.

Also, no one is reading the gay stuff. That’s fine: it’s a bipolar blog. I’ll just start up a gay blog. Problem solved.

UPDATE: I just did a major clean-up of posts. I’ll try to stay more on-topic from now on.

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