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My Husband Now Knows About This Blog

I told my husband about this blog yesterday, and gave him the URL. It was inevitable because I don’t keep anything from him. So now I am no longer anonymous, here.

For me, part of dealing with being bipolar is being open about it with my family—although I’ve never told anyone but my psychiatrist some of the stuff I’ve written here. I do still share a lot. When everything was a secret, there was little stopping me from engaging in self-destructive behaviour. When I know that someone is going to find out what I’m doing, it encourages me to avoid doing things people would disapprove of.

The problem is, of course, I’m not always aware when I’ve gotten off the right track. By being open about what I’m thinking with people, they can tell me when my judgement isn’t good. I share various things with my husband and my parents. Now my husband knows a lot more than he did.

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